TEGA is a brand created in Norway. By creating products that provides you with the freedom you need to build the best version of you.

Your phone is smart, right? That’s why it’s called a smartphone. It’s like your coach, GPS, your personal trainer and the gateway to the world’s music. We reach new levels when we take advantage of the world within our smartphones.

Now, moving freely whether it’s out in the nature or in a fancy fitness room is gold worth.

TEGA provides a bridge to freedom with your best friend safely by your side.


So here we are providing you with flawless design and perfected construction. Here at TEGA we love being able to share our products with you. Products that gives you an unreal feeling of magic, like it’s just gently holding on to you.


The light shines on you now, go upgrade yourself.





This website is owned and ran by:

Marvin Noriode and Pernille Noriode.

Tlf: +47 484 44 704

E-mail: contact@bytega.com

Registration number (Brønnøysund Register Center): 914 450 071

Address: PB. 6607, 0502 Oslo, Norway.